Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Listening? Or waiting to talk?

Buzz, buzz,, buzz, buzz.....

This is the sound of your brain.....on yourself.

At least that's what I tell myself sometimes.

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you find yourself drifting in a conversation?

You want to be polite, of course, but your mind just starts to drift....

"Excuse me, what did you say again?"

Be honest. Sound familiar?

Been there, done that?

Were you really listening? Or just waiting to talk?

I notice this behavior sometimes when I talk to people about Peak Oil.

"Ever wonder where that go-go juice comes from," I casually remark while standing watching a fellow motorist pump their gas?

"Nope." At least that's what most people say.

"Well, have you ever heard about 'Peak Oil'....," and off I go, into "the schpeel," you know, about the Peak.

I always amuse myself by guesstimating how long it will be before somebody's eyes will glaze over in disinterest or whether they will suddenly interrupt with their own "real life drama" that lets me know they were WAITING TO TALK the whole time, and not really listening at all.

And there you have it.

So, one has to ask themself at some point, "Am I listening?" Or just waiting to talk.

That's the thing about AWARENESS. How can a person develop awareness when they spend most of the time just waiting to talk?

Hey, how about the propaganda they threw into last Sunday's "60 Minutes?" Poetic? Or what?

So, they are "bullish" on oil, huh? Hmmm. That's not the "bull-word" I was thinking of.....

Check it CBS News

And then, when you get done smoking the Saudi Whacky Tobacky....check out the latest word from Matt Simmons....

I suggest you pay attention to the part where he talks about growing food locally!

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