Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Matthew Simmons video-2007

Still not sure if global oil production is "peaking?"

Check out this video of Matthew Simmons, world-respected oil industry investment banker and expert on Peak Oil.

This was from last year. 2007. When oil was $65.00 per barrel.

Did you catch the number there? Yes, that was $300.00 per barrel.

On May 13, 2008 oil was trading for $127.00 per barrel already.

I am advising my clients that we will hit $200.00 by the end of 2008 if not sooner.

That would probably equate to somewhere around $6.29 a gallon for gasoline, maybe more for diesel.

Have you developed a strategy for living in a world of higher energy costs?

Many of my clients are already working hard on various lifestyle changes and investment strategies to adapt to Peak Oil.

More to come....

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