Monday, August 4, 2008

Asleep at the Wheel

Peak Oil, Peak, Peak Oil! The times-are-a-changin' !!!

Hey, did you catch the buzz on Wall Street today, since oil dropped back below $120.00 per barrel?

All those analyst boys are backslappin' each other for being such geniuses that they told everybody it was all just speculation, all just a bubble!


Sometimes it is just hard to believe how blind people can be.

Just to set the record straight.....THERE IS NO OIL BUBBLE!!!


Okay? Got it? Great. Please, let's get back to reality, even if it is an election year.

Obama showed he was nothing but a politician today. He seems to think that an "energy plan" means using a screwdriver for a hammer. Riding a donkey in the Preakness. Driving a Yugo in a Formula One race. Paddling out at Todos on a foamie longboard!!!

OOps! Sorry for the obscure BigWave Surfing reference....

How about we try an "Olympic" analogy, just to try to put Obama's "Big Idea" into perspective?

Think Rodney Dangerfield against Michael Phelps in the 100 meter freestyle!!!

That makes about as much sense as Obama's plan to drawdown the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve just to help gasoline prices.

No way! Not a chance! 70 million barrels of oil is only 3.33 days of US consumption(@ 21 Mbpd)

The only problem is that even if the SPR was cranked up to it's full ESTIMATED drawdown capacity of 4.4 M bpd, that would only be 15.91 days of price relief!!!

16 days of lower gasoline prices??? Does that make any sense to anybody except a politician during an election year???

And Obama thinks he has what it takes to make decisions as Commander in Chief?

I wonder what he plans to do when Iran is provoked into firing it's Silkworm missiles at oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz? That is what the SPR was designed for. We have been saving up since 1974 and spent more than 40 Billion taxpayer dollars stashing away oil for an emergency, and now Obama wants to squander our emergency supply just because the oil markets are starting to reflect the reality of Peak Oil???

Oh, and by the way. What about our commitment to save our Strategic Reserve in case one of our fellow signatory nations has an emergency? Like a REAL emergency. Like what if Japan has a massive earthquake that affects their oil infrastructure? What about a storm or terrorist event that might affect one of our "friends" that we have agreed to save our oil to help in a real emergency? I don't hear too much buzz in the media about saving our emergency supply to help our friends in an emergency. I guess maybe the USA just expected everybody else to send us their oil if WE had an emergency, but we don't have to save OUR OIL for any of our friends, even though we promised to.

Didn't Nancy Pelosi just say the same thing a couple of weeks ago? Drawdown the SPR?

It makes me wonder if the congressional staffers are really that bad and they don't bother to brief their principals on the realities of things like the SPR, or the lack of an Oil Bubble, or lack of speculation or just plain Peak Oil, Peak, Peak Oil.

Peak Oil, Peak, Peak Oil. The times they are a changin' ! It really is a Bob Dylan kind of vibration isn't it?

"Bama in the basement, mixin' up the medicine, Johnny McCain on the Pavement, thinkin' bout the government...."

Hey, look. McCain doesn't have an Energy Plan either. Ron Paul did, does, whatever.

McCain thinks "Drill, Drill, Drill" will float him into those black tie inauguration balls......Hmmmm.

Look. It's simple. Peak Oil is so bad, so obtuse, that it is going to make a monkey out of all of us. It already is.

Almost everything I think is wrong. All our "American values" that we cherish so much are all based on the fallacy of unlimited cheap energy from oil.


That is what this blog is all about.


Understanding reality. Even if it is painful.

Try to remember, oil prices are really, really low. Even at $140.00 per barrel like just a little while ago.

If anything, you have to give a lot of credit to the Powers That Be and the massive American Media Spin Machine for massaging the Peak Oil issue into near obscurity during this election year.

What looked like sure $200.00 per barrel by Christmas, now looks a little different, doesn't it?

The real problem is time. We don't have much before the Peak Oil Crash gets really "In Your Face."

Too bad our leaders are Asleep At The Wheel!!!!

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